More Faces of Sepsis

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Aiden Yokell - survivor

by Joy Yokell (Aiden's mother)

My son Aiden was born on April 11th, 2011. He was a handsome healthy little boy. We went home three days later and there were nothing but smiles. About a month later I woke up to check on Aiden. He was not responsive as he normally was. He would not open his eyes or respond to my touch. I called his doctor and she told me to take him to the hospital. An hour later we arrived at the hospital.




Romona Hobbs - survivor

I was pregnant with my second child, a boy, after our girl who was born in February 2008. My due date was the 2nd November 2009.

20th October 2009, I woke up feeling ok; I had my 38-week check up this morning. All was good, my only complaint was that my tummy was red and very itchy! The doctor said it's probably just the skin stretching.




Karen Vincek - survivor


I became ill with sepsis in February of 2009 when I was 21 years old. I had recently graduated with my bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Arizona and had moved back to upstate New York to live with my parents. My ordeal started when I was visiting a friend in Boston for the weekend. Early in the morning of Valentine's Day I became violently ill with abdominal pain.




Irene Bentley - tribute

My Mother was 58 when she died. She died on the seventh day of being diagnosed with gout and then with septic shock.

The doctors said they had never seen anyone deteriorate do fast from being admitted to A and E (Accident and Emergency department) and then into I.T.U. (Intensive Therapy Unit).




Lora Witte - survivor

It all started on my 35th birthday. I was at home and I suddenly started to feel extreme pain in my lower abdomen. At first I thought it might be bad gas pains so I took anti-gas medication. When that didn't help, I started to get concerned because I knew that I had an IUD. The pain was severe enough that I couldn't stand up straight.




Joyce Przybylski - tribute


I saw my Mom, Joyce Przybylski, on Saturday, May 8, 2010, the day before Mothers Day. I brought her a card and chocolates. She had a chill. Nothing more. No fever, no wounds, no indwelling catheters. "Just" a chill.



 Heidi Ottilie - survivor

Sepis...the word gives me chills and makes me angry that my doctors took so long to recognize it. Here is my story.

In 2008, I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl via c-section. I was released from the hospital with a fever, not having had a bowel movement or urine output, and I was vomiting. As the days and nights went by things didn't change. I couldn't hold anything down and I still had all the above symptoms, but they continued to progress.



Jim Warren - tribute

By Carolyn Warren, Jim's wife

My dear husband, Jim, passed away January 15, 2011.His diagnosis was complicated but a large part of the diagnosis was sepsis and septic shock. Jim was diagnosed in August of 2010 with myelodysplastic syndrome, which is pre-leukemia. The supportive care for this syndrome is immune suppression drugs so his body was compromised from taking these drugs.