April 2011 Sepsis Alliance Newsletter

Thank you for being part of the Sepsis Alliance community. As part of our efforts to spread the word about sepsis, we offer a regular newsletter with information of issues and events that we feel are particularly interesting. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone you feel may be interested in receiving it.

One of the Faces of Sepsis Looking Down over Austin, TX

When Delian Filip lost her 22-year-old daughter JonyRose Filip to sepsis, she was understandably devastated. But like many who are touched by this disease, she felt she had to do something to raise awareness about sepsis. On March 31, 2011, Delian and her daughter Ashley, JonyRose’s older sister, fulfilled their dream of erecting a billboard in Austin, TX, telling the world about JonyRose:

The dynamic duo also organized and hosted an event in Austin, attended by the local fashion and photography crowd – many of whom are around JonyRose’s age. While the event was for fun and fundraising for SA, it was also an opportunity for Delian to speak passionately about sepsis and how it can affect anyone. The event also gave SA’s founder, Dr. Carl Flatley, a new audience to address about sepsis, one that may not have otherwise ever heard of the disease.

Faces of Sepsis

SA’s Faces of Sepsis section continues to be the most popular feature on the site. As of April 1, 2011, we had published 20 survivor and tribute stories. Our two newest stories include the harrowing journey undergone by three-year-old Averie Duke and the death of another young lady, Natasha Barnes, to sepsis following a urinary tract infection.

If you have a story to add or an update to a story that is already published, please email Marijke@sepsisalliance.org.

Rachael Ray

Earlier this year, SA’s Dr. Flatley, Dr. O’Brien, and Jen Ludwin were invited to tape a segment with lifestyle and cooking guru Rachael Ray. All reported that the taping was a great experience and we’re looking forward to the airing. Stay tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter account (sepsisalliance), or LinkedIn group for the air date announcement when we hear!

Spike Out Sepsis!

Dig out your shorts and your volleyball – it’s time for Spike Out Sepsis again!

Spike Out Sepsis 2011 3rd annual sand volleyball tournament raises awareness and funds for Sepsis Alliance. This grassroots effort continues to expand each year and tweaks the normal rules of volleyball to emphasize fun over finesse. If you can’t attend, you still may enjoy sporting a Spike Out Sepsis T-shirt or tank top. The design was chosen from 11 submitted designs. The winning designer? Hallie Prescott! They can be ordered online at the Sepsis Alliance storefront.

Erin K. Flatley B.U.G.S. Classic

Before you dig out your shorts, you may want to pull out your fishing rod. The annual BUGS Classic is just around the corner. This redfish and snook fishing tournament is held annually to raise funds for and awareness of sepsis. This year, it is on May 7, 2011, with a Captain’s Party on May 4. More information can be found at the BUGS Classic website.

At a Reception Close to You

One way SA is making contact with people is through receptions being hosted by people like you. By attending receptions, representatives from SA, such as Dr. Flatley and Dr. O’Brien, can speak one-on-one with people who may be able to help spread the word about sepsis.

Two such receptions were held earlier this year, one in Tampa, FL, and one in Columbus, OH.

The Tampa reception was held in February, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph White. Fifteen guests attended and Dr. Flatley and SA Development Director, John Gorman, spoke, as did the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg, Most Reverend Robert N. Lynch, who is also a sepsis survivor.

The Columbus SA reception was held March 3 at the home of Dr. and Mrs Robert Heck, and was co-hosted by Dr. Jim O'Brien and Dr. Naeem Ali. Forty-four guests attended, including Sepsis: Emergency video producer Larry Confino and one of the Faces of Sepsis, Jen Ludwin. The group viewed the video and then had a lively discussion about the need that SA serves and ideas for its growth.


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