When is Sepsis Awareness Month?

Sepsis Awareness Month is in September. SEP for Sepsis and SEP for September – making September the perfect month for Sepsis Awareness Month. 

What is Sepsis Awareness Month and what is it for?

Sepsis Alliance recognized that more attention could be drawn to sepsis and sepsis awareness if there was a specific month dedicated to the cause. While efforts towards education for both the public and healthcare professionals are maintained throughout the year, having a dedicated Sepsis Awareness Month allows for organizations and facilities to organize activities for their staff, and for Sepsis Alliance supporters to make a concentrated effort on spreading information about sepsis.

For 30 days, we here at Sepsis Alliance ramp up our efforts and do things like send out extra Tweets on Twitter, put extra messages on Facebook and LinkedIn, and we feature events that are occurring across North America and the rest of the world.

Mid-September, Sepsis Alliance recognizes Sepsis Heroes, people who have made an impact in helping spread sepsis awareness. This event is held annually in New York City and the 2014 Celebration of Sepsis Heroes will be on Thursday, September 18.

As throughout the year, we make brochures available to anyone who requests them for distribution in the community. The brochure is a one-page, tri-fold sheet that lists basic information on sepsis and what to watch for. Individual copies are free of charge and group orders can be mailed for a minimal fee. Each year, some supporters have requested brochures to distribute. We also now have the same brochure available in Spanish. To order brochures send an email to info@sepsisalliance.org.


How can I help with Sepsis Awareness Month?

Are you on Twitter? You can add a "Twibbon" to your profile photo that shows all your followers that you support Sepsis Alliance. Click here to see how to add the Twibbon to your account. You can follow us on Twitter (@SepsisAlliance) as well. The more people we reach, the more people will learn about sepsis.

If you are on Facebook, you may want to use the SA logo as your profile picture for a few days or the whole month. We also have a Facebook page but you don't have to be on FB to access it! We know that many people don't belong to Facebook so our page is open for anyone and everyone to see. If you do belong to FB and if you haven't already, you can “like” us  and encourage your FB friends to do the same. 

If you use Instagram, you can post SAM images to spread the word to all of your followers. Don’t forget to use #SepsisAwarenessMonth, and follow Sepsis Alliance @SepsisAlliance.

For our first Sepsis Awareness Month, one of our Facebook followers designed a black-and-red ribbon to signify sepsis and she handed them out at her church. That was one effort promoted by one person and since then, many have used her idea and made their own. In 2013, a mother in the Bahamas who lost her infant daughter to sepsis was using these ribbons, along with brochures, to raise awareness in her country.

Events, such as Spike Out Sepsis and Strike Out Sepsis are great venues to help promote sepsis awareness, as well as funds if that is the goal.

You can encourage people to watch our video, Sepsis: Emergency – and if you have a venue, we can even send you a DVD for you to show others.

Every year, products are made available from our Café Press store that people can purchase to help others see the word “sepsis.” Often, people will see a t-shirt or a bumper sticker and ask the owner, “what’s that?” If you would like to help spread awareness this way, please do!



We're always gathering ideas for so we can make Sepsis Awareness Month bigger and better each year, so keep thinking and dreaming up ideas - the more the better. If you have ideas to share, you can send them to info@sepsisalliance.org or you can post them on our Facebook page.

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